Your website will need a home. Basically that home will be a server that is attached to the Internet. If you have already arranged hosting we can upload your new website to that space.

We do offer extremely competitive rates for hosting. Rates start at $5/month for space on our shared server (which are more than adequate for small business websites). If you find a deal out there let us know what it is. We will match or beat other company's hosting rates 99% of the time.

If you anticipate very high traffic for your site a shared server probably won't be enough. There are a few options that we would be happy to set up for you. The first is a dedicated server for a site that will see some serious traffic. This is the most expensive option, but will guarantee that things won't crash if a million people go to the site in an afternoon. Dedicated server hosting plans start at $100/month and go up depending on how much space and bandwidth you need.

Another option that isn't quite as expensive as a dedicated server is a Virtual Private Server. This is basically a hybrid of a shared server crossed with a dedicated server. It is a computer that is shared by only a few sites (whereas a shared server can have many sites hosted on it). These plans start at $60/month and go up to $110/month.