Green E Labs is owned and operated by Jeremy Marr. Various friends, acquaintances and business associates also lend a hand when needed, but mostly this is a one man band.

Jeremy has been employed in online media since 2000 working in a variety of positions from Managing Editor at a small town newspaper to Web Producer and Online Editor for WKYC-TV in Cleveland and a group of Scripps Howard news outlets on the Treasure Coast in Florida.

Currently Jeremy is the Interactive Content Producer at WWMT-TV in Kalamazoo, Mi. There he produces an assortment of multimedia news articles, stories and specials and edits much of the locally produced content for the site.

Designing websites began in 2001 with a few correspondence courses at the University of Hard Knocks (Jeremy is self taught in xhtml/css). After discovering that code has a striking resemblance to poetry he was hooked. He has been dreaming in code ever since.

Jeremy currently lives in the ever improving city of Kalamazoo with his wife, three children and slobbering black lab buddy.